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Kids Turn Computers

step4.gif - 6363 Bytes A Picture says a Thousand Words - Say it with Graphics!
A series of articles for kids on how to make and use graphics

In the beginning the Internet was nothing but text. Today, as you browse the web you notice many colorful graphics or images on most web pages, as well, on forum posts.

It is not that difficult to make your own graphics with the many graphics software programs available. Many are free and many come with online help, tutorials and tip pages. In the beginning it can be a bit tricky but mastering graphics making is something most kids can learn.

You also have the option to use online web clipart, including original graphics made by myself. Creating your own however gives you a uniqueness and originality.

These helpful steps will get you started making your own graphics.

Steps to Easy Graphic Making:

Special thanks to Sue Chastain About Graphics Software Guide, HTML Guide Jennifer Kyrnin, and Clipart Mountain for their excellent resources used in this series.

~NEW~ Learn how to create your own Web Dolls

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