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Kids Turn Computers

Have you been IM'd?

ICQ ICQ ("I Seek You") is an instant messaging program that can be downloaded free of charge. ICQ lets you know when your friends and acquaintances are online. It then enables you to message, chat, page them, and even send files.

About ICQ
I spoke with former Net Conferencing at, Guide Laura Schneider about ICQ.

Laura likes ICQ because it is a robust instant messaging client that offers numerous features, yet is usable, even if you decide not to use all of the features that are included. It's great for businesses as well as just casual Internet users.

She indicated the pros of ICQ are that once a person learns how to use the basics it's very simple to utilize. The cons are that at times people find it confusing and intimidating because of the interface.

She explains the interface can be somewhat confusing with all of the buttons and options.

Further she noted that you will also find that you will be spammed more with ICQ than any other Instant Messenger and she attributes that to ICQ's online directory. It allows others to find you pretty easy unless you use the privacy options that are offered.

Laura agrees ICQ is a great tool for kids, but she also thinks extra measures must be taken to protect your privacy and to keep you safe.

"If my child was using ICQ I would definitely be sure that I have taken every measure to protect them, but that goes with anything that involves communication on the Internet." states Laura.

Learn about and download ICQ here

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