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Kids Turn Dinosaurs

My trip to Dinosaur Provincial Park
by Patrick (11) Canada

The summer of 1996 was one of the best summers of my life. I got to spend three days at Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada with my Dad.

We packed up our camping stuff and headed to the park. We were camping in tents with our dog too.

The Badlands of Alberta, Canada The park is located in the Badlands of Alberta where dinosaurs use to roam the earth many hundreds of years ago. I have always loved dinosaurs so it was a dream come true to visit this neat place.

There are all kinds of neat things you can do at the park. You can visit the museum [in the picture at top] that has exhibits of all kinds of dinosaurs and skeletons too. There are also examples of actually digs that the bones can still be seen in the ground and lots of interesting things to read about how the dinosaurs are found. Also, how paleontologists carefully remove the bones and preserve them.

Another thing you can do at the park is take guided tours of the actual badlands where professional dinosaur people are searching for more dinosaurs.

The weather was really hot and dry when we were there so it was fun to camp in the park. You could see lots of stars at night and it was sort of eerie to be out where the dinosaurs use to roam.

I would recommend a vacation to Dinosaur Provincial Park to anyone who loves dinosaurs and wants to learn more about them. We had a really great time. You can learn more about the park, or try some of the neat things at the Dinosaur Provincial Park web site. I didn't know they had it until I got back but now I visit the site all the time.

Someday, I hope to actually dig up my own dinosaurs!

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