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A Wish From Above

A Wish From Above
By Artie Knapp

The little angel felt happy, as a young girl held her in the palm of her hand. But the moment she let go the little angel felt quite sad.

“Please come back,” pleaded the little angel. But the young girl didn’t hear her.

The little angel tried to follow the young girl, but her wings wouldn’t budge. She was stuck. And no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t free herself.

Her plea for help didn’t go unanswered, however, as a gruff voice said, “Can I be of assistance, madam?”

Although she heard the voice call out, the little angel didn’t see anyone. “Who said that?” asked the little angel.

“I did,” said a large polar bear.

“I hear you, kind sir. But I can’t see you.”

“I can’t see you either,” said the polar bear. “Where are you?”

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