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Kids Turn eBook
A Wish from Above

“I’m not sure. All I see is a big wall. And to make matters worse, I’m stuck.”

“A big wall is all that I see, too,” said the polar bear. “And I am also stuck. This is most peculiar.”

As she struggled to break free, the little angel hoped that everything happening was just a dream. But when she opened her eyes the next morning, the wall was still all she could see.

“Are you still there?” called out the little angel to the polar bear.

“Yes, and still stuck.”

“Me too,” she said in a sad voice.

But the little angel’s sadness soon faded, when the young girl was standing beside her once more. The little angel thought that the young girl had come back for her, but she had not.

Suddenly everything around the little angel started to shake, and then the young girl was gone. The little angel asked the polar bear if he had also felt the great tremble, but he had something else on his mind. He asked her if she too smelled something wonderful.

“Yes,” said the little angel. “But how can you think of food right now?”

And then a voice said, “Hello, I’m a gingerbread man.”


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