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Kids Turn eBook
A Wish from Above

The little angel and polar bear could hear the gingerbread man, but they couldn’t see him. The gingerbread man told them he was stuck and couldn’t move. But unlike the little angel and polar bear, the gingerbread man was facing a window; and through it he could see snowflakes falling outside.

“How do you get to see such things? All we can see is a big wall,” said the polar bear.

“I don’t know,” said the gingerbread man, “but it sure is lovely.”

The little angel’s eyes filled with tears. She thought that she would never be able to see such things herself. And then the young girl came back yet again, but this time she plugged something into the big wall.

Suddenly beautiful lights flashed in all directions!

The young girl then placed a candy cane right above a little angel, and right below a polar bear. “What do you think, Mommy?”

“I think it’s the most beautiful Christmas tree ever,” said the young girl’s mother. “Now there’s only one last thing to do,” said her father.

The young girl’s father proceeded to place a gold star atop the Christmas tree, but before doing so, he asked everyone in the room to make a wish. And everyone did. Later that night the gingerbread man ran away as fast as he could - the polar bear was outside playing in the snow - and the little angel was in the young girl’s room watching over her.

~The End~

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