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Kids Turn eBook

A Halloween Treat for Polly Peat
Author: Artie Knapp                Pictures by Sunayana Nair Kanjilal


That Halloween was a cool, crisp day in Polly's town. The fallen leaves had piled up in her family's front yard, so Polly raked them up. The two pumpkins that lay at the front of her home's porch had already been carved into jack-o-lanterns. She had also finished her homework. So what was Polly Peat to do?

Across the street from the Peat family, lived a kind old woman named Frances. Frances had just arrived back home from the grocery store. So Polly went to see if she needed help carrying in her groceries. Frances said that she had only just run out to get candy for the trick-or-treaters. Polly saw that Frances's front porch was covered with leaves, so she said that she would sweep them for her.

As she began to sweep the leaves off of Frances's porch, the broadest smile suddenly graced Polly's face! The broom she held had given her a great idea. Perhaps there could be some fun on that Halloween night after all, Polly thought.

When Polly had finished sweeping Frances's porch, she ran home as fast as she could. The first trick-or-treaters would be arriving soon. So Polly went straight to the basement and dug out the Halloween costume she had worn the year before.

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