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Kids Turn Food Fun

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This helpful glossary of kitchen/cooking terms will help you out in the kitchen.

    BAKE: to cook in an oven preheated according to recipe.

    BATTER: a mixture of liquid, flour and other ingredients that can vary in consistency.

    BEAT: to mix two or more ingredients together, usually in a circular motion, until smooth.

    BOIL: to cook a liquid in a saucepan usually on the stove until bubbles rise and break the surface and steam usually rises from surface.

    BROIL: to cook under the top element in an oven.

    BROWN: to fry, broil or bake food to deepen it's natural surface color but not cooking it.

    CHILL: to refrigerate until cold.

    CHOP: to cut food into small pieces.

    COMBINE: to mix two or more ingredients together.

    CREAM: to make soft, smooth and creamy by beating.

    CUT IN: to combine solid fat with dry ingredients using a fork, pastry blender or knives until mixture is crumbly.

    DICE: to cut food into small cube like pieces.

    DOUBLING: to double a recipe - use twice the amount of all ingredients to make twice the size of the recipe.

    DRAIN: to strain away unwanted liquid.

    DRIZZLE: to dribble drops of icing or chocolate over food in a random pattern.

    DROP: to scoop dough with a spoon, making rounded or heaping piles.

    FOLD: to gently mix ingredients by using a spatula and moving food from center and lifting towards edge of bowl turning bowl as you go.

    GARNISH: to decorate food with edible items like sliced fruit or herbs.

    GREASE: to rub the inside of baking pans with butter, margarine or baking sprays to prevent from sticking.

    GREASE & FLOUR: After greasing your baking pan adding flour to lightly coat the pan.

    HALVING: to reduce the amount of all ingredients in a recipe to make only half the recipe.

    KNEAD: to work dough into a smooth texture by pressing and folding with the heels of your hands.

    LET STAND: to let baked goods cool down on a wire rack or hot pad wile it's still baking.

    MASH: to squash foods with a fork or potato masher.

    MELT: to heat a solid food until it turns to liquid.

    PREHEAT: to prepare oven to correct temperature prior to baking.

    PROCESS: to mix or cut up in a food processor or blender.

    ROLL OUT: to lightly roll dough with rolling pin to required thickness as per recipe.

    ROUNDED TSP/TBSP: to mound ingredients or dough slightly in a teaspoon or tablespoon.

    RUB IN: to mix fat with flour using fingers until mixture has the texture of crumbs.

    SCRAPE: to use a rubber spatula to remove as much of the mixture as possible from a bowl or saucepan.

    SHAPE: to use hands to roll or mould dough into balls, rolls or other forms.

    SIMMER: to cook liquids over very low heat.

    SIEVE: to remove lumps from flour or icing sugar by pushing through a sieve.

    SLICE: to cut food into thin sections using a sharp knife.

    TOAST: to brown lightly in a toaster or frying pan or under broiler.

    TOSS: to mix salad ingredients lightly.

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