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Kids Turn More Topics

sportguy2.gif - 12.3 K Health Issues at Kids' Turn

Life for kids can be challenging.

Check out this section for topics on health issues that kids have to deal with while growing up. Some topics should be reviewed with your parents.


  • H1N1 and Seasonal Flu Tips and Information Provided by The Children’s Hospital
    With the early onset of flu season coinciding with the start of school this year, parents are concerned about the flu.

  • Wearing Braces
    Ugh! The dreaded word - braces! Helpful resources to help you cope with your new braces.

  • Wearing a Hearing Device
    Helpful resources if you wear a hearing device.

  • Skin Care
    Skin care advice, tips and information.

  • Disabilities/Diseases
    Online resources about disabilities and diseases kids may have to cope with.

  • Help lines/Advice
    Not sure where to turn? These online advice and help lines may help point you in the right direction.

  • Health Organizations
    Online health organizations around the world.

  • Healthy Web Sites
    Web sites devoted to kids and health.

  • Death and Dying
    Understanding death is not easy but even kids sometimes have to face it, these resources will help you understand.

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