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Kids Turn Poetry

Kids' Turn Central Poetry - Page 10

Poems written and submitted by kids like you!

The Day of Christmas

Twas the day of Christmas and all over the globe,
Presents were opened in PJ’s and robe,
Wrapping paper slung all over the floor
As eager KT kids rushed to the fore.
A teddy, an MP3, a CD, a book
Were left there by Santa, the mince pies he took.

Then, with a rush, with speed and with glee,
Those happy KT kids run to the keys
To type out their posts on “what I got”
And boast to us all about their lot.

Then dinner is served and KT kids sit,
To tuck into turkey, roasted and spit,
And ‘tatters and gravy and veg. galore
Till stomachs are swollen and teeth are sore,
Then its all raise their glasses,
With a smile and a cheer
“Merry Christmas to all, and a happy new year”

Sam - England

Always and Forever

He took me in his arms
Letting me know
everything would be fine.
deep Brown eyes
Glancing down to mine
Knowing i was about to bust
letting me know its ok
Just let the river of tears flow.
He kissed my forehead so gently,
yet so tender.
Letting me know he cared,
More then anyone else,
in the world.
He kept me in his arms,
Till i felt better.
Then helped me to my feet,
And also made sure i was ok.
Taking me off the ground,
And spinning me around.
i have to say
Thank you
You helped me out
In all my times of need
And i will rely on you
For that support
And Forever...

Mellisa B (12)

The Very Odd Family

This is a poem about a family
And this is how it goes
The mum is a twinkler
The father a thinker
The parrot says shame on you
The little boy blue
Makes a

And the baby picks
flowers for the

So now I say what
A mess these days
families make and do
But if you wanna
know more
Then come
Abroad and I’ll
give you some hints
And clues

Well you see the parrot
Fell in love with
The most purrrrfect
Evangelene and
at last used his

Little boy blue
Had munchies to chew
And soon became
As plump as
The moon.

Baby Lolita sat
Down to eat her
Pizza and
Threw up the
Minute she ate
But the mother and father
Still thought that
They were better at making
Snot balls (yucky)
They were like pop balls
Soon the family had a
Barbecue in harmony
And slept all night and day so
That is the story of
The very odd family!!!

Sai Lekshmi

Remember the People

Remember the people on this sad sad day,
Remember the people who died today.
Remember the people who payed the price,
Remember the people who's lives are now sliced.
Remember the children, who got food a plenty,
Their parents are gone and their stomachs left empty.
Remember the bombers, who were desperate enough,
To give up their lives to be rid of our stuff.
Remember the people who died today,
On this 9-11 anniversary day.

Steph (9), USA



God is good to me
God made you and me
God saved me from the sadness
God gave me gladness

God helped me make this poem

Brian (12), Australia


When I'm With You

I can't help it,
When I'm with you It feels like I'm falling over, and I think I like it
and when I'm not, I think I miss it

Falling for
Free and fast
Like I want forever
And I hope it lasts

Glitter (16), Canada

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