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Kids Turn Poetry

Kids' Turn Central Poetry - Page 14

Poems written and submitted by kids like you!

Love, love is one thing I thought I'll never do,
but I was really wrong because I have you,
so many days so many nights I thank God for letting u into my life,
but now I wanna go to a next level I want u 2 be my life,
your smile your looks your lovable personality tells me all I need to know,
and what I have already found,
I’m so glad you're mine,
together we stand and we will finish it that way,
together is a word so hard 2 bend but I really hope our relationship never ends,
some say I don’t know what love is,
but for me love is what I have for you,
at times I don’t know what 2 say,
but now all that has changed,
I hope all of my dreams will eventually come true,
with the person I love which is you,
just three words from me to you,
and they are,
I love you

Tylur (13)


My love is gone.
He left me, and from now on,
I will always remember his beautiful eyes,
and sweet smile.
He will always be in my mind.
We pass in the halls.
We talk, but all he does is talk,
About his new girlfriend.
I swear he's tryin' to make me jealous.
But sometimes he tells me "he thinks he still loves me"
But he only thinks.
I don't think.
I know.
I love him.
I am young...
But I know what love is...
It's him.

Manders (11) USA

The Dock

There is a dock
Where angels can be lifted to the heavens
Where a serenade can win the heart back of a lover
Where regret dissolves into its submerged foundation
Where life is never a seed in the wind
Where time pauses and begins again
Where clocks stop and compasses fail
Where maps tear and destination ends
Where everything glows neon blue for an encore of the boiling sun Where anyone’s day was never more won
I see the disjointed figures pass down the hall
But there are no maps, no songs
No remedies for when the day is done
They’ll twist and turn all night in their beds
An elaborate mist of dreams in their heads
As canyons crack and shorelines fade
From the frost comes your silver cloud
And one will stumble upon the dock

Nathan (17)

Little Boy

Little boy so sweet
to know about you
so calm to know
But can you
sing a song with me.

Kaylee (8) OK
About Kaylee's 1 yr old cousin

I like summer
And the bright hot sun.
I like winter
The snow is fun.
I like spring
The breeze is cool.
I like fall
Because I start school.
Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall
I like them all.

Cutiepie, (10), USA

I look around the world and sigh,
Then I think and wonder why?
Can’t we stop this hue and cry?
We can give Peace a try!

War brings turmoil and blood,
People are dragged through mud.
Peace dies in that gore and flood.
Let the Peace flowers bud.

Terrorism and bloodshed on the ground,
I cringe when gun shots sound.
Bomb blasts in all our towns,
Terrorists are killing around.

Innocent people lose their lives,
My heart is pricked with sharp knives,
I hope Peace soon arrives,
Only then our nation survives.

Through the city a noise booms,
Sirens of ambulances wail with a zoom.
Every heart is filled with gloom,
When will Peace flowers bloom?

Peace is hope, Peace is light,
It’s the sweet scent in the night.
It’s the bright shining light.
That gives darkness a dreadful fright.

Peace is the music of hope and love.
It comes down from the heavens above.
Remember the flutter of the white Dove,
Let’s unite and spread the love.

Peace is rainbow, love and care,
Come join hands and say a prayer.
Love each other in trouble and despair,
Otherwise Peace will become rare.

Let’s join hands and look for Peace,
Let’s be tolerant and love will increase,
Help each other and hatred will cease,
Be forgiving and jealousy will decrease.

We will leave our sorrows behind,
If we think and free our mind
Make Peace and we will find,
A wonderful world for mankind

Oneeb bin Nauman (9) K-5-F Aitchison College

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