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Kids Turn Poetry

Kids' Turn Central Poetry - Page 16

Poems written and submitted by kids (and kids at heart) like you!

A Mouse by the House
A Children’s Poem
Artie Knapp

A mouse in the grass ran about,
Stopping by the water spout.
Nibbling on something I could barely see,
And didn’t seem to notice me.

Not realizing he was trapped,
He just chewed on his meal tightly wrapped.
To get the mouse’s attention, I threw a pebble his way,
But he kept to his meal without sway.

Again and again I tried, but to no effect;
Feeling put-off and puzzled by his disrespect.
But something changed inside me, as the mouse finally looked up;
His eyes were innocent and curious, like that of a newborn pup.

He didn’t seem to mind, my being there;
Barely gave a look, much less a stare.
Then off he went back to the grass, nary a glance at me;
I learned later he got glasses, and now can clearly see.


I felt weak
like a glass vase
and my heart
had been torn
in the center
by you
it was broken
and couldn't be fixed
so I cried
and thought of you
And I knew that
not just my heart was broken
but my whole world
hundreds of pieces
with sharp edges
that cut deeply
I tried to forget
but the glass cut deeper
because everything was

Chey, (12), Canada


This iz to all my friends:

"When school iz out,
it brings up memories of da past,
But we don't ever doubt,
because this friendship will last!!!"


As the days pass , through and through,
My memories fade, but not of you,
I will remember you so clearly , so strongly …
I’ll know this friendship was true
And as your memories fade,
I hope you think of ME to…
And that every time we spent together,
Was never BLUE!



The hottest time of year
summer is here
the warm humid air
brushes through my hair
blue skies, not a cloud in sight
nor wind to fly a kite,
the ocean sparkles in the distance
tides rise with sheer persistence,
the hottest time of year
summer is here.

Chloe, (11), Australia

The World Holds Your Secrets

The world holds your secrets
in it's arms
it squeezes and squeezes
until you fall apart
the blame and the sorrow
all planted on you
when they really know
it's not at all true
when you let a tear out
they call you a wimp
but when you keep them all in
you become a blimp
of held back feelings
and failures so great
every moment
you want to escape
from the nothing we are
and the everything too
that is what it is
and the sad simple truth
that there's nothing at all
that we can do

Soapy, Canada

My Slippers

I love to wear my slippers,
That are tight and loose for me.
So I go to Mr's Slipper Shop,
To buy a perfect match for me.

I wear my slippers immediately,
And dance on the stage freely.
So I watch carefully
That my slippers are dancing with me.

Rhea (10), India

The Little Man

There once was a little man,
Who lived in a broken van,
And while he cooked,
He was very booked,
For he was a very little man.

Janie, From my iPod

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