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Kids Turn Poetry

Kids' Turn Central Poetry - Page 17

Poems written and submitted by kids (and kids at heart) like you!


In the sky way up high
I see a snowflake drifting down,
Forming my nightgown.
It takes my fright from the night
And makes me smile for a long while.

Katrina (3rd Grade)

The Taste of a Fruit

The taste of a fruit
Has a big shoot.
It rules and not made out of tools.
It is the best and it is not a pest.
It is good,
And it should live in the woods
The taste of a fruit
Has a big shoot!

Katrina (3rd Grade)

What Do Kids Do?

What do kids do?
I will show you.
They play and they play every day.
The boys play with race car toys
And girls are as pretty as pearls
They play in the sun when they’re having fun.
They pretend to fly in the sky like a butterfly.
They eat junk food in every mood.
They just go with the flow
What their parents say.
But they might runaway.
Then their parents might say “hey “
But the kids just might run away.
These are things that children do.
What about you?

Katrina (3rd Grade)

My Dad

I am a daughter to my dad,
But sometimes I make him really mad.
He is the best, better then the rest.
He married his wife
That takes care of my life.
I am a daughter to my dad,
And he makes me really glad.

Katrina (3rd Grade)

My Toy! My Toy!

My Toy! My Toy!
It gives me great joy.
I play, and I play
With my toy every day.
If I squeeze its belly
My toy says his name: it is Telly-Relly.
My toy, my toy – it’s a boy!!!
It’s just a baby, but it’s my baby baby
And his name is Shaby.

Katrina (3rd Grade)

Flying in the Moonlight Night

Flying in the moonlight,
Flying on the stars
Flying on the planet Earth,
Flying really far.
Flying really fast
In the moonlight night,
Flying really fast,
That I am never last.
Flying really slow
In the moonlight glow.
Flying really slow,
As my feet just gently row.
Flying really high
In the moonlight night,
Flying really high,
That I can touch the sky.
Flying really low
In the moonlight glow.
Flying really low,
That I can reach my toes.
Flying in, flying in
The moonlight, the moonlight
Flying in the moonlight night!!!!
Flying in the moonlight,
Flying on the stars,
Flying on the planet Earth,
Flying really far.

Katrina (3rd Grade)

A Beautiful Flower

A beautiful flower
With petals like angels
The center has pollen
That bee’s already taken
They are filled with great beauty
They are never such plain or lame.
Now that is a flower, not just some gray rain.

Katrina (3rd Grade)


A bird wants to be heard.
It sings beautiful songs
And its notes are never wrong.
A bird lays eggs
And babies are born with their little legs.
It splashes in the water in its little pool
While I am watching from my little stool.
“Yep! Birds are cool”

Katrina (3rd Grade)

Ice Cream

Ding –dong, that’s a happy song!!
The ice cream truck is here
But where? There it is.
I want chocolate vanilla,
Strawberry too,
I want sprinkles that are blue.
Thank you!!!
Ding- dong!! That’s a sad song.
The ice cream truck is gone.
Oh well, may be next time
For the ice cream to shine.

Katrina (3rd Grade)

I Love School

I love school
It is so cool!!
It is almost as much fun,
As playing in the pool.
I make a lot of friends
And the fun never ends.
It has lunch with a crunch, munch.
School is the best
And I study day and night
School rules in every sight.

Katrina (3rd Grade)

My Grandpa

I love my grandpa very much
And our hearts go touch to touch.
He is great, but sometimes
He visits me a little late.
He likes to rest
And I am like the baby in his nest.
I want to see him all the time
And I’ll make him mine.

Katrina (3rd Grade)

Do What I Say

Do what I say
Or you ‘l have to pay.
Do what I say every day
Like clean the pool in school.
Watch my sister, she has a blister.
Bake a cake and give my water a shake.
Read a book while you cook.
You make my day because
You do what I say.

Katrina (3rd Grade)

I'd Love a Good Rhyme

I’d love a good rhyme.
I’d say them anytime
I could do anything with those little things
I would pay them to say them
Those nice little rhymes.
I’d take them on a cruise
Down to my own shoes
They are fun to say anyway!
I’d love a good rhyme anytime.

Katrina (3rd Grade)

The Star of Light

The star of light
Is really bright.
I have a good sight.
It is white.
I had a fight with him and it moved
When I was about to sit.
He told me I was about to fall on my knee
I see, the star of light
Has a lot of might.

Katrina (3rd Grade)

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