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Kids Turn Poetry

Kids' Turn Central Poetry - Page 18

Poems written and submitted by kids (and kids at heart) like you!

I'm Sliding Down the Rainbow

I’m sliding down the rainbow
In my favorite show.
I brought my friend Summer
Produced by Cutummer.
The show is funny and
Outside the show is sunny.
I’m sliding down the rainbow
And it’s really fun.

Katrina (3rd Grade)

It Is Really Hot

It is hot
It’s like a pot.
I’m on the sun
But it’s not really that fun
It is bright
And I have a good sight
It is awesome
And best of all
There aren’t any possums.
I’m hot
Like a pot
On the sun
That IS really fun.

Katrina (3rd Grade)

There Are Books About

There are books
About cooks.
And don’t forget the books about wood.
And the staff that is good.
There are books
That get your mind on hooks.
There are books about chips
With crazy dips.
Books rule
And they are cool!!!

Katrina (3rd Grade)


Packlash! Packlash!
The water makes a big splash.!!!
The waves come up so high
They can reach the sky.
There are shells by the shore
We might want some more.
Playing in the water is so much fun
And tanning in the sun.
Water is bright blue
With a smile
All the time.

Katrina (3rd Grade)


Christmas! Christmas!
It is here!
Presents! Presents!
Santa Clause is coming soon.
Flying! Flying under the moon!
A big white blanket piling up,
Just like my pup.
Gee, all these things are really nice,
But how about going skating on ice.
A hill! A hill! Sliding down one is
A big thrill!!
Christmas! Christmas! It is here!
Presents! Presents! Everywhere!

Katrina (3rd Grade)


Friends, Friends!
They play with you,
They are nice
They help you too!
We both have eyes that are green,
And they are never mean.
Friends, Friends!
Friends, Friends!

Katrina (3rd Grade)


Animals! Animals!
They are so cool!
Any water they see
They decide if it’s their pool
There are dogs and cats
There are mice and rats.
Some animals like the sight
That is bright.

Katrina (3rd Grade)


A puffy little cloud
In the sky way up high.
They are white
And they have a very tall height.
They have shapes of capes and mouse
And a house.
And a snowflake
And a white cake.
Clouds! Clouds!
Tin the sky way up high!

Katrina (3rd Grade)


I made a snowman out of snow
And all the people know
I made my friend a snowman again
And all the people know!
I made my other friend
Another snowman (again, again)
And all the people know!
Then I said that that’s enough
And they gave me a pout.
Then I said that’s what the snow is all about.

Katrina (3rd Grade)

What is in the Box?

What is in the box?
Is it a toy fox?
Is it some toy hawks?
Is it socks?
Then I took a peek and guess
What is was
It was a chick with a yellow beak.
Then I took him home
And named her Pome
I loved her
And she loved me
We are a happy family.

Katrina (3rd Grade)

A Dream

A dream
Wow! A Dream
It makes a shine gleam.
I can dream of many things.
A dream as nice as rings
I can dream of a pony
And it has so many friends
It’s not really lonely.
I can dream
Of ice cream
I can dream
That school has a pool.
It would be nice
To be dreaming of skating on ice
A Dream
Wow! A Dream

Katrina (3rd Grade)


I try to fly in the sky
With the butterflies
I fly with my friends
And the fun never ends
I see red
I see blue
I see yellow too!!!
They have a straw for a tongue
And they fly to the sun
They each have a name
And their beauty is not lame.
There is a fiery red butterfly,
Ocean blue and yellow lemon too!!!

Katrina (3rd Grade)

My Favorite Colors

My favorite color is Red!!
Yep. That’s what I said.
There are other colors too
But I like blue too!!!
I also like yellow and green.
That’s what I really mean.
There is purple and pink
And those colors do not stink.
I like all the colors too
Even black and brown
And those colors are all over town.

Katrina (3rd Grade)


The wind is playing with the tees
Shaking its branches
Raking its leaves
It swishes through my hair
It is so cold I feel like I am bare
It picks up balloons
And if you listening closely
It has musical tunes
It is part of Nature
And sometimes I have to say burr..!!

Katrina (3rd Grade)


The Sun is opposite of Moon.
When the sun is out.
It gives light
The moon gives slight bright
Up is opposite of down.
Down goes down to the ground.
Up is in the sky
Really high.
Boys are opposite of girls.
Boys make a lot of noise.
But girls are as pretty as pearls.
Wow!! There are a lot of opposites
But it is the end so I will take a bow.

Katrina (3rd Grade)

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