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Kids Turn Poetry

Kids' Turn Central Poetry - Page 4

Poems written and submitted by kids like you!

So Sad
I feel so sad
That something bad is going to happen
I don't know what
But, I feel like crying
I have never felt this way before
I must be dying
Maybe not
But it just feels that way
What do I do?
I feel like I'm going to puke.

Jeni (21), USA

I know it is hard to let things go
All the hurtful things that you told me
But I can't keep looking at the past
I have to learn to forgive
Sure, maybe I can't forget the tears
And maybe I will still hurt when I remember your taunts
But if I keep being angry and defensive
I can never move on to better things
Everyone has hurt someones feelings
And everyone has to go through the pain of being hurt
But if we all held on to that anger
We would never learn to be happy and enjoy our lives
I have learned to let it all go
And I am now happy and content
So even though you said your insults and tried to knock me down
I am still standing tall and strong
And since you decided to let your anger poison you
You are still in that same dark void I left you in
I have moved on and now I am happy
And you can't hurt me anymore

Dedicated to all the school bullies out there

Skater, USA

I Am Finally Free
The music of this land
Is more precious than gold
More gracious then a perfect white dove
And I walk taking it all in ...
The bubbles from the lake
The russling of the leaves
The crunching of the freshly fallen snow
Glide softly to my listening ears
Like the wind soaring high across the tree tops
I breathe in
Close my eyes
And Wait
My mind runs blank
I forget about my triles and tribulations
I am Finally Free!

ILoveDuckes (13), USA

Hold me
You know I'm not wrong
I just want to be with you
I know it's not right
To put up a fight
But that's just the way it is
Ya, gotta get it
Cause if you don't
It's not gonna do me any harm
I just love the feeling of being held
Won't you give me a hug?
Sing to Me
Oh I love the way you sing to me
It's such a beautiful thing
I can hold it in my arms
Squeeze it and hold it tight
I'd just love to touch it
And make it better

Jeni (21), USA

A Thousands in a Thought
I stood... breathless
I had run a thousand miles
I stood... staring
I hear whispers allowed
The voices echo
Decieving moments
All in a frozen moment
It is only moments
Blind eyes wide open
This confusing existence
An upside down reality
A vast deception
A mass misconception
A fury of judgement
They think it's wise
Smiles adated awhile
Minds drowned in silence
Everything is silent...
Eveyone is silent...
The silence is loud!

ILoveDuckes (13), USA

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