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Kids Turn Poetry

Kids' Turn Central Poetry - Page 5

Poems written and submitted by kids like you!

Our Love
My love is your love
Your love is my love
When skies are cloudy
And clouds are grey
You make me happy
Cause you love me
Always and forever

Jeni (21), USA

The Way
Whenever I am with you my fantasies come true
If he lonely knew that
When the world is through I will still love you
The way you are moving I could get into you
I have been walking on these four walls thinking about your love
So, are you down for my love?
It’s the hardest thing I'll ever have to lie
Because I don't know whether to laugh or cry
I want to make you feel all right with me
Baby, I knew at once that you were meant for me
Because you showed me the way

Jeni (21), USA

Hold Me
Oh I was crying
My heart's breaking
I've been trying to get to you
Cause I want you
Hold me darlin'
Don't let go
I've got this deep down sorrow that won't let go
Oh, hold on tight now
Hold on to stay
I need you today

Jeni (21), USA

The World
I want you to try to understand
I need you to like what you see
But remember too that when you fail
You can always talk to me
Your world is more difficult now
And you want to make your own way in it -
Which is as it should be
I WILL-two small words
And yet, it's a powerful "place" in which to be

Jeni (21), USA

I heard your voice again last night
You said,, "I'll try a little harder and soon I'll see the light"
But something tragic happened
You didn't see the light
We ask everyone, "What's wrong with this world?"
And we do nothing to make it right

Jeni (21), USA

Because of You
I'm wandering through these maze of flowers
Because my mind is racing
I can't you out of my mind
Feels like I'm gonna faint
But because if you I'm still awake

Alyssa (13), USA

Looks like the puppy you got last summer,
Sounds like your favorite band in concert,
Smells like the red rose you got last Valentines Day,
Tastes like your favorite ice cream on a hot summer day,
Feels like time stops moving.

Kylie (13)

Boys will be Boys
Boys will be boys,
And will play with you like toys,
They will like you but break you heart,
Saying it was them & not you,
Next thing you know it was because of someone else,

When they are dumped they come running back,
Hoping for waiting arms,
But they hurt you once,
And it will happen again,
Even if your heart says it won’t,
Don’t be a fool, they will do it again,
It is better to grow old alone,
Then with a cheater.

Kylie (13)

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