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Kids Turn Poetry

Kids' Turn Central Poetry - Page 6

Poems written and submitted by kids like you!

The pictures used to come so freely
But now I can't get one line to match another
I feel like I have lost my only talent
Why can't I do it anymore?
Just a simple drawing
A person, place, or thing
I only need one good picture
To get my creativity back on track
It has been days, weeks
Since I have completed a piece
I am starting to worry
Maybe I have lost it
Maybe I am no longer good at this
I can't understand it
What made me stop drawing
Did I get too caught up in my life
So caught up that I lost my only means of expression
All I can do is try
Keep drawing, practicing, working
Maybe I will get my inspiration back
So I keep trying
And wait for this block to lift
And wait for my inspiration to come.

Skater, USA

Dogs give lots of love
To small or BIG people
Any time you need it
Or even if you don`t

Trini 10

Sitting on the side of the boat
Surrounded by the misty soft beauty
Of the peaceful landscape making up the lake
With the feeling of being eternally free

Hardly a sound whispering through the air
The blowing wind a lone exception
Waves undulating under the gentle breeze
As though part of an intricate deception

Those waves, shone upon, by the sun
Glimmering, sparkling, and ever so bright
Create reflections with near perfect precision
Displayed beautifully amongst the everlasting light

Every color and detail as clear as a crystal
The crisp connection as a wave hits the dock
The sharp yet serent scent of the water
Each part working together like gears in a clock

Through the sky and beneath the surface
Tranquility exists, everything in harmony
The smooth sounds and the sweet smells
Becoming as soothing as a warm drop of honey

Niko (17) USA

This morning I woke up in bed
To find a strange cat next to me
He was missing one eye,
One toe and a leg
I think his name was Lucky

Trini, 10

The horse`s coat glistened in the soft moonlight
As I gazed off into the coal black sky
My hair blowing in the breeze that seems to say
Hush now night has come time to sleep
The soft lullaby soon puts me into a deep sleep

Trini 10

Dribbling, dribbling
Down the just mowed field
Sun in my eyes as I look up
A girl is charging me, with great force
With determination to steal the ball
But no, thats not going to happen
Dribbling, dribbling
I make a move
I pass her
I am trapped
I pass the ball to a close teammate
Running, running
Down the dark green field
My hair is falling in my face
I am losing my breath
I need to take a break
Running, running
Calling her name
Give me the ball!
I am open!
The ball comes rolling toward me
I know to make my shot
Dribbling, dribbling
Getting closer, closer
Closer to the goal
I am running out of time
Kicking, kicking
I kick the ball
Waiting, waiting
For the goalies reaction
Shouting, screaming with joy.
I made the winning shot.
The game is over.
We won the game!

Chelsea, 11 - USA

Letting Go
With this brush I'll draw me
Standing there with nobody
But with these paints I'll draw you too
There we'll be just me and you
But with this water that I add and some yellow just like so
I'll put some sun to warm your face and make you glow
And with that I'll paint your hand around my waist
And I'll look upon your loving face
I'll see your eyes and into your soul
And just so you know
These paints are not just a picture nor a painting
But a dream I see fading
For as much as I love you I can't let it show
Because I know she'll make you happier so I'll just have to let go
It's hard to paint something of what you can't have
But as long as your happy I am still glad
But someday in the future mayby we will find love that's true
But with this I send you one last tear and loose my feelings of you
Maybe someday some how
But I guess just not right now

Kay 14 - USA

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