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Kids Turn Poetry

Kids' Turn Central Poetry - Page 8

Poems written and submitted by kids like you!

Her Best Friend

His friends stood By watching,
Not knowing what to do,
Knowing he was hanging with the wrong crowd,
Just not how to prevent it,
They knew they had to get away,
But didn't know how to get him away,
Not knowing what to do they let him stay in that group,
The youngest Girl of all his friends was terrified to say anything,
But she didn't know she'd lose him just like she did her sister,
She needed him as much as the rest,
For he was her best friend,
He was there when she needed him,
All her friends were there without him it wouldn't be the same,
He didn't care about being ignored or not talked to,
She felt forgotten after a while watching him walk with the preps and trash,
Tearing up every time,
she'd just turn away and go to class,
She lost her best friend, who was everything to her,
She seen him everyday but he didn't notice her at all...

Melissa B. (11), Tennessee

Spring is Here

Do you hear the wind,
Blowing in the night?
Spring is here, Spring is here,
Do you hear the rain,
Falling softly on the ground,
Do you see those flowers,
Blowing in the wind?
Spring is here, Spring is here,
What is that over there?
It's children playing outside,
Chasing butterflies way up high,
Because Spring is here!,
Spring is a great time of year,
But it can be awful,
For me and you,
That is if you have,

Regina (15) USA

Gods Rath and Tears

Thunder booming out my window,
Lightning lighting the sky.
They both look beautiful together,
So no one asks why.
Some thunder is very loud,
Some lightning is very bright
Some storms are heavy,
and some are light.
When it is all over,
The sun come out,
It is all fun to watch,
Caus' thats what it all about!

Monkey_girl (13) USA

I sit alone,
Wondering why I'm here,
Wishing he were here.
Turning away is all I can do,
Running away is all I want to do
Hiding in this dark place
Scared of what comes next
Wishing they never left me,
I remember the things that happened,
I remember what happened,
I just don't remember why it happened.

Melissa B. (11), Tennessee


Easter is a time of new life and love
And we think of Christ up above
Some people called Christians celebrate it more
Times like this are special
Easter eggs and bunny rabbits little children eat chocolate
Remember Easter is not about chocolate and presents but about Jesus

Bethan (10)


Dogs are the world of fun and joy
Over the fields they will run
Giving up is not for dogs
Lovers of dogs theres a lot of them
Only people who care for animals are dog lovers
Very little children like dogs
Everyday a dog gets kicked or punched
Rarely a dog escapes from the beating
So help stop it now put a stop to it .

Bethan (10)


I just want to show you how life can be...

Life is wonderful,
Life is free,
Don't see everything so negative!

Life can be difficult,
so don't make it difficult

! Live your life,
and live it easy,
live it free,
it's your life!

People always remember negative things in life...
why do you make it so difficult?
so why can you not be happy?

LĂ©onie, 15, Luxemburg


I am a blizzard
You know me for the snow that I blow
My mother is snow
My father is wind
I was born in Antarctica
I live wherever the snow and wind is harsh
My best friend is Ms. Rainstorm
Because we ruin everybody's day
We like to see who can cause the most problems.
My enemy is Mr. Sun
Because he dries me up and sends me away.
I fear that Mr. Sun will send me away for good
Because that's what he always says.
I dream that my children will cause even more problems than I did.

Haley T.

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