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Kids Turn Poetry

Kids' Turn Central Poetry - Page 9

Poems written and submitted by kids like you!


I am a folder
You know me because I hold your papers.
My mother is paper.
My father is a binder.
I was born in a desk.
I live in a desk.
My best fried is Mr. Backpack
Because he writes on me and gets me dirty.
I fear I will get thrown away when I get too dirty.
I love paper
Because it feels good when it's inside of me.

Haley T.


You mean everything to me
That's what you said to me
Well guess what that goes the same for me too
Always and for ever
I will love you!!!



A poem is a thought that you can make into a song.
A song are words that rhyme.
A rhyme is a melody that plays in your head all of the time.
A melody is a beat that you can sing along to.
A beat is music that rings in your ear.
Music is something that you hear.
To hear that music you start with a poem.
A poem is a powerful thought
That you make into a song that comes from the bottom of your heart.

Keomba (10)


Of all the friends I have ever met,
You're the one I won't forget
And if I die b-4 u do
I'll go to heaven and wait for you
Give the angles back their wings
And risk the loss of everything
Just to prove that you're my friend too
I'm lucky to have a friend like you

Tori (12)

We Are The Caged

We are the caged,
We are the beaten
alone we suffer
do you hear us cry?
what have we done?
is this all we deserve?
open our cages
and set us free,
to taste the earth and see the sky
but alone we suffer
and you don't care that we die

Glitter (15), Canada

Does it Make You?

Why don't you see this?
what you're doing is wrong
can't you....can't you...
get a life
leave ours alone
I don't care
say what you want to me
if that makes you....does it make you....
but you will find
that karma comes around
you'll be at the bottom, scratching up
and no one will care at all

Glitter (15), Canada


Of all the memories I can remember
The first time I seen you it was late September
My mom wasn't to happy about this
But you changed her mind with a wet kiss
Years later you grew into my heart
Within two words are bond fell apart
She said we're moving to a new place
That day I left never again did I see your sweet face

Mag (10), USA

Memories Buried Deep Inside of Me

Memories buried deep inside of me,
Rememberance of happiness
Overcoming me
A shattered heart that fails to heal
An unhappy person
Left unrevealed
Memories buried deep inside of me
Trapped in blackness
For no one to see
A terrible fear and sadness
Overcoming me.
A dark and stormy place
I can only see.

Melissa B (12), TN

This Feeling

There's this feeling I get,
Every time I look into your beautiful eyes.
It warms my heart,
And brightens my day.
It makes me happy,
And excited,
There's something about you,
That drives me crazy.
Every time I feel your Warm embrace,
I never want to let go.
Its like there's something emerging,
From your simple touch.
Its so simple,
Yet too complicated to explain.
Its a wonderful feeling,
Yet I have a hard time expressing it.
Your my everything,
and my everything,
is all you will be,
My feelings for you,
Are so deep and true.
I want you to believe me,
When I say,
I love you!

Melissa B (12), TN

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