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~*~Our Gardeners~*~


Cali chose a Tomato for her plant.

Planted with care on: April 13, 2002

When do you think Cali's tomato will sprout?

Second Photo: April 19, 2002 - Cali's tomato has sprouted!

Click on photos for larger images.

Join the fun and watch our garden grow!

Third Photo: April 21, 2002 - three days later and Cali's tomatoes are starting to grow fast.

Fourth Photo: April 24, 2002 - slower growing but they are.

Watch me Grow!

We have growth!

April 21, 2002

April 24, 2002
More Growth Here

In order to have your seed ready for planting, all seed requests must be in by April 21st 2002.

Request your seed by posting a reply in the KTC Garden post on the Kids' Turn Central Forums. Registration with Delphi is required to post - it is free to register with parents permission.

Seeds Available:
Plant a pickle

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