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Kids Turn Hobbies/Gardening

~*~Garden Poems and Verse~*~

A selection of garden poetry and verse from the KTC Gardeners and friends:

I saw a field of sunflowers
When all their bloom was shed,
A field of Kansas sunflowers
All standing brown and dead,
They hovered there upon the hill;
And like a phantom crew,
The ghost of all the sunflowers,
The prairies over grew
Came trooping toward me in a crowd
Each shining through a misty shroud
And flashed like fireflies thro' my brain
As once they lit the Kansas plain.

By FluteWiz, KTC Sunflower Gardener

Ode to an Onion
Some people say I make them sad,
The tears will come even when they're glad
But I am sweet and good to eat
Please don't step on me with your feet.

I come in many different types
Green and Yellow, Spanish and white.
I'm good in a salad or fried in a pan
Come on try me, yes you can!

By Wendy, KTC Onion Gardener

The Onion
Tears of Joy
As the fragrance of my death fills you
With images of home and family
Each Tear
Contains a thought of grandmother's kitchen
When you slice into me
You slice into your past
When you cook me
You travel through all plains
And when you return
You wipe your eyes
And Blame it me
Because pride keeps you
From admitting your human.

By Cheesy, KTC Gang Member

The Tomato
Round and Red, I squish when thrown
But my true species is left unknown
Do I belong with Apples and Pears?
Or with Broccoli and Pomme de Terres?
You can turn me into ketchup or put me in a can
you can even fry me up in a black iron pan
but am I a fruit? Where do I go?
For my true nature, no one will know
By GlitterBuggy, KT Tomato Gardener

The Sunflower Song
Oh I am the little sunflower
I like it when it rains
I get a nice shower
Though some say it pains

I ran
And played
But it turns out I was just a flash in the pan

Then I was run over
By a lawn mower
Now my sunflower life is over
And i will not see the rain shower
Any moooooore

By Sunny, KTC Sunflower Gardener

We Are Sunflowers
We are sunflowers.
The winter comes, our petals fall
But we donít really mind at all
It is our job,
To make all smile,
To make them go the extra mile

We are sunflowers
The springtime comes,
We all bounce back
You know for that, we have a knack.
We show our faces to the sun
Springtime is a time of fun!

We are sunflowers
Dawn comes,
The sun glints off the morning dew
We wake up from sleep,
Our strength anew.
We stretch our petals to the sky
To all the birds and butterflies.

We are sunflowers
Though our colors may fade,
Our stalks wither brown,
We never ever ever frown.
We make people smile,
Itís what we do
We are sunflowers through and through!

By Josie, KTC Sunflower Gardener


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