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Kids Turn Babysitting

Babysitting - Be Prepared

Babysitters are Angels You get your first babysitting job! Now what? Are you prepared?

Before Your First Job
When you accept your first babysitting job you should first ask to meet with the children and the parents before the actual day or night you will be babysitting. This helps the kids get to know you and be more comfortable with you.This is also a good time to meet family pets, and get to know the layout of the home you will be babysitting in.

At this meeting you can get information about: the children, the parents and safety issues.

These printable checklists go over some of the information and issues you should know:

  • General Information
  • Children's Information
  • Safety Information
  • Emergency Numbers
  • About You
  • Have your checklists filled out before parents leave the house, whether it's a few days before or the day you babysit - this information will help you in most situations that may come up.

    Keeping the Kids Happy
    Once you are alone with the kids it is up to you to keep them safe, happy and amused.

    Many kids are happy to go about their regular routines when a babysitter arrives some are more demanding and it will be up to you to come up with ideas to entertain the kids. These babysitting tips and ideas will help find ideas on ways to safely keep kids busy.

    If the kids are happy chances are you will soon become their favorite babysitter and be called back often.

    The next page of this series is perhaps the most important. Safety is a huge concern that should not be taken lightly -- accidents happen, particularly when you are dealing with young children.

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