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Babysitting - Safety

Babysitters are Safe We all know accidents can happen. Particularly with young children. Accidents are just that, accidents. When you are prepared, you can prevent accidents from happening.

Keeping Kids Safe
To prevent accidents from happening you have to be alert and aware at all times. Knowing where the children are at all times is probably the most important rule. Leaving them alone, even for a second, can be dangerous. When you are babysitting it is up to you to know where the kids are at all times.

Even simple things can prevent accidents. Use common sense. Remember your safety rules and everything you've heard your Mom say time and time again. Don't leave toys on stairways, keep sharp objects, medicine, and poisonous substances away from young kids and be extremely cautious around swimming pools and water. Keep locked areas locked.

If an accident does happen, which they often can, this is when your babysitting or first aid training is important. Having this training before your first babysitting job will make these situations much easier to handle.

Minor accidents like a scrape on the knee can be handled with simple common sense: a Band-Aid, and comforting the child [kissing a boo boo does wonders].

More serious accidents are handled by staying calm, calling your emergency numbers and if needed using the training you've received in a babysitting course. Make sure your emergency number list is up-to-date. Do not assume 911 will work where you babysit - not all communities have this service. Know where your emergency number list is kept, preferably by the telephone.

It is important to know the rules and safety practices of the parents of the children before they leave you alone. Talk to the parents and know what they want you to do and not do. What the children are allowed to do and not do. And, what you should do in emergency situations.

Always tell the parents if anything happens, no matter how minor it may seem. A scraped knee or bump on the elbow may seem insignificant to you but parents will want to know.

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