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Babysitting - Keep the Kids Busy

Get Crafty! Keeping the kids happy, and occupied while babysitting can be a big job in itself. While plopping them down in front of the television, video games or computer is easy, coming up creative ideas to amuse the kids can be a lot more fun, and rewarding.

Here are a few suggestion to help keep the kids busy and happy:

  • Go for a walk. Playing guessing games and point out interesting objects on your walk.
  • Read! Bring a new used book every time you babysit. Make it a habit to have something new for the kids to enjoy each time.
  • Board games are a fun easy way to amuse kids. Don't just give them the board games to use, you play too!
  • Bake cookies. If you have experience and permission from parents, bake some simple cookies with the kids.
  • Crafting is a fun, easy way to keep kids busy for hours. Bring your own craft supplies and a new idea each time you babysit. Jeni's Quick Crafts is an excellent resource of easy craft ideas she has used while babysitting over the years.
  • Color. You are never too old to enjoy coloring. You can print and color free coloing sheets at Kids' Turn.
  • Dance! Turn on the music and dance the night away. It's a great way to tire out the kids before nap or bed time too.
  • Homework check. Don't forget to ask parents or the kids if they have homework due. If they do, help them out.
  • Sing! Make up wacky songs and new words to favorites if you don't know the words.
  • If you are babysitting kids who are rowdy, or wild, have a special treat like licorice ropes or gummy bears. Take away some of that treat if they're being bad......submitted by Charlotte

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