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Cyber Dating is Just Dumb

Online Love There, I said it. I've been thinking it a long time but I finally said it. I think cyber dating is just dumb!

After many years of monitoring and talking to kids under 16, in a chat room, I've seen it all. Boys looking for "hot chicks". Girls wanting to talk to guys only. Next thing you know they are calling each other "BF" and "GF", that's boyfriend and girlfriend.

When one of them is in chat without the other all I hear is how much they miss their cyber partner. Waiting, not so patiently, for the other person to show up. Professing their undying devotions to each other and sneaking off to private chat to each other.

Then, a week later, they decide to call it quits and a perfectly good friendship is over. Nasty things are said. People get hurt.

What I don't get is, why?

Why do young kids, particularly those under 13, feel the need to have a cyber partner? Worse, advertise they are looking for one with chat nicknames like "hotchick" and "Cuteguy".

If your parents do not allow you to date in "real life" - what makes you think it is ok to do it online?

Then there's this simple fact. How do you even know the person you are talking to on the other side of your monitor is who they say they are? Can you really be sure?

Then of course, there is this distance thing. You fall madly in love with your cyber boyfriend. He's in Texas and you are in New England. What are the odds you will ever meet? Can you seriously maintain an online relationship until you are legally old enough to meet?

Most importantly though, safety is a key issue I will discuss further on the next page.

Why can't kids just be friends online? Why do you feel it is necessary to have that title of "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" online? I want to hear your thoughts on this from a kids point of view so I can understand this better.

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