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Am I Different?

Wearing Glasses

Our eyes are very important. Vision is something we take for granted until we begin to have problems. Having your eyes tested at a young age is important and so is eye safety.

If you find you require a corrective device for your vision like contact lenses, try this site for kids!!

If you already wear glasses or are about to get glasses - there is one thing that is a given - sooner or later you will be teased by other kids. Remember, you are NOT alone. For some very good advice and experience on how to deal with teasing Eye Scene offers hundreds of questions and answers on how to deal with these things. From Embarrasing Moments to Being Teased.

This interactive site offers a chance for kids to talk with each other about glasses in both Bulletin Board form and Chat.

A good book for alleviating your fears about having to wear glasses is called Blueberry Eyes by Monica Driscoll Beatty.

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