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Kids Turn Issues

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It's a fact. Every year millions of kids must go through parents divorcing.

If your parents are happily married you probably have at least one friend who has divorced parents.

The resources below are meant to assist both kids going through divorce - and kids who want to help understand what a friend might be going through.

Divorce Sites for Kids
Just the Facts
  • Divorce Advice for Teens
    Advice for teenagers whose parents are divorced or divorcing.
  • Kids Turn Org.
    Q and A section, artwork, articles and more.
  • Kids in the Middle
    Feeling stuck in the middle? Find out how to cope.
  • Bonus Kids
    New site for kids to talk about and share divorce experiences.
  • Bill of Rights
    A list of rights children of divorce have.
  • Children of Divorce Speak out
    What kids want to say about divorce.
  • Children's Rights Organization
    US national non-profit organization protecting kids' rights.
  • Dealing with Emotions
    Personal Stories
  • Talk About It - Divorce™
    Specially designed cards to help your child open up and discuss the troubling issues of divorce. A valuable tool to assist kids in opening up and talking about the many feelings they have surrounding the break up of their parents.
  • Kids Divorce Art Gallery
    Colorado mediators share children's art depicting their experience of divorce. Add yours to the exhibit!
  • Bill's Arena
    14 Year old Bill wants to help other kids.
  • A Child Speaks
    A 16-year-old shares her story.
  • Programs
  • Child Centered Solutions
    CCS is the only legal organization in Oregon dedicated solely to protecting children in divorce and custody cases.
  • Planet Divorce
    Seminars to teach kids dealing with divorce in California.
  • Our Family Wizard
    Provides parents with a way to share and access calendars, school information, health information, expenses for their children, and much more. Designed to help divorced parents communicate between separate households, but has become a tool that distance separated and/or busy parents have begun to use.
  • ShareKids
    A secure online service designed to assist in co-parenting management - providing tools to manage 'share / visitation schedules', communications and correspondence, medical information, shared expense and support accounting , personal records, activities and events, friends and contacts, school info and homework, diaries, photos albums and much more. A comprehensive 'privilege manager' allows guests and relatives to see only what you want them to see.
  • DC4K
    DivorceCare for Kids - helps minimize and eliminate the short- and long-term negative effects of divorce on your children’s schoolwork, emotional health and spiritual life.

    Divorce is Not a Game, BUT... Click to learn more!

  • Supernova's Unique Family
    Supernova has run away! There are some changes in her family. Supernova's parents are getting divorced and she is very sad and does not understand.
  • Where am I Sleeping Tonight? (A Story of Divorce)
    Are you dealing with shared custody? Hopping from Mom's place to Dad's place? Welcome to the world of Mark and Evan! Learn how they cope with their parents divorce.
  • Chelsea's Tree
    Children often experience anguish and confusion when two families are merged into one Chelsea's Tree is a great way to help children cope with their new situation.
  • They Both Love You: Two Separate Houses, One Common Love
    Story offers parents an opportunity to talk with their children about the stresses inevitable in a divorce, to spell out the differences happening in their daily lives and to provide assurances about the certainties that will sustain their lives.
  • You And Me Make Three & Accompanying Plush B.B. The Bear
    Educating both parents and children opens lines of communication between the two. Children will no longer imagine and wonder 'why' their parents are divorcing, and the advice to parents on each page will help them address difficult issues with their kids.
  • We're Having a Tuesday
    The story of a little girl's frustrations of shuffling back and forth between her divorced parents' homes
  • Taking the Duh Out of Divorce
    Excellent video for children, families and schools.
  • Two Homes
    Young Alex's parents are divorced, and he spends time with each of them.
  • My Stick Family: Helping Children Cope With Divorce
    Especially good for young kids.
  • Dinosaurs Divorce
    A good book for young kids of divorce.
  • Divorce Happens to the Nicest Kids
    A self help book for kids.
  • I Don't Want to Talk About It
    Helping children of divorce deal with their new, difficult, and conflicting emotions.

    More Books about Divorce

    Read the reviews of these books online, if you are unable to ask parents to order, check with your local library.

  • Help for your Family
    Express Yourself
  • Divorce Support Divorce Support has plenty of resources for your parents.
  • Teen Advice Teen Advice offers teens a place to express themselves and learn.
  • Divorced Dads Fatherhood Guide offers resources for dads of divorce.
  • Kids in the Middle Share your thoughts on what bugs you about divorce.

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