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Good Deeds

Good Deeds - Ideas From Kids

  • I walk my neighbors dog every day because she is getting too old to do it. - NorthGal
  • Rake leaves for your neighbors. - Austin
  • Put money in a parking meter that ran out. - Austin
  • Take care of your dog. - Austin
  • Help your grandmother do stuff. - Austin
  • Clean the house when your parents are out. - Sam
  • Make parents breakfast in bed. - Sam
  • Open car doors for people. - Ari
  • Fix dinner, dust, wash dishes, clean the cat litter box, polish shoes, fill the sugar bowl. - Ari
  • Help someone with their bags off the bus. - Sam
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen. - Ari
  • Donate to a food bank. - Ari
  • Smile at everyone! - Sam
  • Put the toilet seat down. - Ari
  • Tidy shelves in a supermarket. - Sam
  • Tip your taxi driver. - Sam
  • Hold door open for people. - Maggie
  • I like talking to people and especially with new kids at my school I loooove hangin out and getting to know them so they wont feel shy about makin new friends. Or, just talkin to someone who looks lonely. - Cheesedude
  • When my mom or pa are having a long day I make dinner and look after my younger brother. - Cheesedude
  • Find something your good at and do it for someone else. Example: I love making websites and gifs [graphics] and I've made them for other people just to be nice like my school which will be recieving some gifs I made just for them. - Cheesedude
  • If you're a bigger kid just help out some of the little guys. - Cheesedude
  • My last one is just a random act of kindness (washing someones car, raking leaves, or just carrying groceries) goes a long way. - Cheesedude
  • At grocery stores and places I have interpreted for deaf people. - Bee
  • Paying someones bus fare when they can't. - Maggie
  • Send little cards/e-mails to your parents at work just to tell them you love em. . - Jenn
  • Standing up for someone older on the bus. - Maggie
  • Wake up early some morning and make breakfast. . - Jenn
  • (WAY too over looked) If you see trash PICK it up! even if it is not yours. - Jenn
  • If there is stuff on the floor PICK it up! Parents clean up after you all your life you can pick up after them too. - Jenn
  • If a classroom is really messed up start picking it up without the teacher asking. - Jenn
  • If a friend looks sad give em a nice warm hugg (with two g's). - Jenn
  • Say Hi to random people you don't know and try to brighten their day. - Jenn
  • SMILE!! - Jenn
  • Visit the NURSING HOME and be there to chat it up with people who don't have any family or are just plain lonely. They love it and it is extremely rewarding! - BigKidTS

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