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Kids Working - How to Find a Job

Now that you have determined you are ready and want to work, you know the laws, and your parents agree, it's time to find a job.

There are hundreds of sites online that will help you get started, including learning about what type of work you can do, and how to prepare for a job. In Canada, the Youth Employment Information site covers all the steps of looking for and finding work in Canada.

In the United States, the US Department of Labour site offers everything from job preparation to gaining experience.

Another way to learn about finding a job is by talking to kids your own age who have already started working. Their experiences can be very beneficial to you.

Jeni, (20) USA:

I got my first job at a pet store. I got it first by volunteering there through my high school and then one day I went up to them and said I wanted to work there. I started when I was 18, the starting age to be able to work there is 18. so it was perfect!

I clean the animal cages, feed the animals, give them their meds, groom and bathe them and best of all playing with them.

I work there on Saturdays from 9 A.M. - 3 P.M during the school year. During the summer, I work there on Mondays and Fridays from 9 A.M. - 11 A.M.

My starting rate was $8.00 an hour. Now it's $10.oo an hour because I got a raise!

This job is really cool! This September 2003 will be my second year working here (I started in September of 2001). If you like animals, I recommend this job for you.

Sam, (18) United Kingdom:

I got my first job when I was 16 and had finished my GCSEs. I was not allowed a job before this as the school work was very demanding and I wanted to do well in my exams. So after I finished, I went job hunting. I wrote a pretty good C.V (if I do say so myself) and handed it around every shop which was hiring staff as weekend workers. In the end I got three job offers, and I chose the shop which was cleanest and had a nice feel to it. (I would definitely recomend having a "snoop" before your interview- I went in a week before to have a nose and see how the staff were, and decided that this is a place I would like to work).

Then, came the dreaded interview. I was so scared (it was my first interview). But it all went well, they were really nice. In fact it wasn't even an interview it was more of a "well, do you want the job?" The shop is a food store.

I've been working there almost a year now, it's really cool. The salary isn't brilliant, but it's more important at the moment to work in a nice environment with nice people.

I have some interview tips: Try to make eye contact, even if you are nervous. Smile! Ask questions (it makes you look as if you care about the company and the job). And if you can be five minutes early, do be- it makes you look keen.

And when writing your Resume/C.V, concentrate on the positive stuff. I wrote something like "I have not previously held a job because of school commitments". It makes you look dedicated instead of inexperienced.

Maggie (18), Canada:

My first job was at the store my grandpa, at the time, owned. I got $5.90 an hour, which is Alberta minimum wage.

I started working at 14 which is the legal age here. I got it because I wanted this really realy expensive pair of jeans that I never ended up buying. I've worked there 4 years in August.

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