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Kids Turn Hobbies/Education

Meet A Professional

Not sure what you want to be when you grow up? It's a tough choice.

Over the years at Kids' Turn Central [formerly Kids' Exchange] we've interviewed and chatted with professionals in various fields.

You can read interviews and chat transcripts we've had with these professionals to give you an idea of what their career choices were, and how they succeeded.

  • Meet Mick West: Mick co-founded the Neversoft company and is a video game program developer.

  • Meet Bryan Dean: Bryan is a professional magician. He can teach you a few tricks!

  • Meet Dr. Janet: Dr. Janet is a veterinarian and she's happy to share with you how she became one and what it takes.

  • Meet Gerard Piper: Gerard is a professional cartoonist who has his own strip called TREVOR.

  • Meet D. Simon Jackson: Simon is a young activist who founded the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition to help save the Kermode Bear.

  • Meet Jeremy McGee: Jeremy is a whiz kid, who at a very young age founded his own company and web site for kids.

  • You can discuss your career choices and what you might like to be when you grow up on the Kids' Turn Central Forums.

    Good luck with your future career!