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Kids Turn Hobbies/Education

Meet D. Simon Jackson - Director, Sprit Bear Youth Coalition

Spirit Bear Youth Coalition D. Simon Jackson
Age: 18
Title: Director, Spirit Bear Youth Coalition
Web Site: Spirit Bear Youth Coalition

From Simon: The land of the spirit bear is a complex web of life, a model for the interdependence of species, a reminder of all that is right in this world.

Part II of Interview.

If a child is interested in a certain 'cause' how can they actively get involved?
If an individual is interested in a particular cause (hopefully the campaign to save the spirit bear!) it is important that they care passionately about the issue. Passion is critical in order to convey their message. It is also important that the individual focus on one issue rather than several. This is one of the harder lessons I had to learn, as I was bombarded by so many issues on a daily basis, many of which I wanted to get involved in. However, to make a difference in an issue, I learned that I needed to give my undivided attention to one issue and learn everything there was to know about it. I realized that if I became involved in several issues, my attention and focus would be fractured and as a result, I would be more of a hindrance than a help to others involved. With that said, the first step to becoming involved in a cause is education. Begin by contacting different individuals connected to the issue and ask for information. If you have more questions, donít be afraid to ask - it is important to get the whole picture in order to understand the issue. Once you have a basic understanding of the issue, start spreading the word and continue your own research - you can never know to much. And the more you know, the better chance you have of being a major force in the decision making process. It isnít hard work, but it is time consuming work - that is why it is crucial to stay the course and be committed.
Kermode Bear What education is needed to become active in conservation? Are there jobs in this field?
There are few courses that teach how to become active in political issues - the best education is seeking the advice and experience of others. And the best way to become knowledgeable in a conservation issue is to do your homework, including speaking to people involved on all sides of an issue to reading every article available. This will provide you with the least bias and best information available.
Are there Jobs Available in this Field?
There are a variety of jobs available in conservation or environmentalism - from activists, who fight the battle on the front line; scientists, who provide the scientific backbone for campaigns; politicians, who make changes from the inside; or the path which I have chosen to take, becoming a journalist, where issues can be presented to the public.
How can kids learn more about conservation and endangered species.
The best way for youth to learn about conservation and endangered species is to read books and newspaper articles and watch TV programs on subjects which intrigue them; ask question of those who have knowledge and experience surrounding issues that interest them; and contact organizations that deal with conservation and protection of endangered species.
Is it dangerous?
No more or less than any other activity in life.

Special thanks to D. Simon Jackson for this interview. For an update on what has happened since the interview please visit Spirit Bear Youth Coalilition web site.

Photos used with permission from D. Simon Jackson.

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