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Meet D. Simon Jackson - Director, Sprit Bear Youth Coalition

Spirit Bear Youth Coalition D. Simon Jackson
Age: 18
Title: Director, Spirit Bear Youth Coalition
Web Site: Spirit Bear Youth Coalition

From Simon: The land of the spirit bear is a complex web of life, a model for the interdependence of species, a reminder of all that is right in this world.

Chat Transcript

Our Guest in chat is D. Simon Jackson, Founder of the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition.

Simon hi everyone.

WendyHOST Maybe Simon can start by telling us a bit about the Kermode "spirit" bear?

Simon The spirit bear is a white black bear that lives only on the north coast of B.C..

Simon The white bear, as a result of being isolated from man, is, for a lack of a better word, trusting of humans.

WendyHOST ....why the Kermode Bear and not something else?

WendyHOST what is the main threat to the spirit bear and it's habitat?

Simon I chose to campaign for the spirit bear because it is an animal that is as unique and rare to the world as the panda bear of china, yet lives only in my home province.

WendyHOST have you seen them up close and personal?

Simon the main threat to the bear is logging. The bear has only one intact habitat left and that area is slated for logging this spring.

WendyHOST How many bears are left -- if you know

Simon I have photographed the spirit bear 5 feet away!

GayleHOST oh wow

Simon that had to be amazing

Simon there are fewer than 400 white bears left in the world.

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Special thanks to D. Simon Jackson for this interview. For an update on what has happened since the interview please visit Spirit Bear Youth Coalilition web site.

Photos used with permission from D. Simon Jackson.

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