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Kids Turn Hobbies/Education

Meet Jeremy McGee, President

Name: Jeremy McGee
Title: President of, Inc. and high school senior

The Chat

Chat Transcript Page II: Jeremy McGee, Tuesday, September 12, 2000
Transcript has been edited for easier reading.


MaggieISMaggie Okay,Jeremy, I'm not sure if this has been asked of you yet, and if it has, I'm sorry, but how did you manage a computer company, school, and a social life?
JeremyGUEST it has been asked...but no prob..i think my previous response was CAREFULLY...placing enough emphasis on all
Jazzy86 When you were just starting your first web site, if you used a host (like tripod or somesort) what did you use?
JeremyGUEST i think I used some off the wall no name Twotoads we host it our self...but let me tell you...there's NOTHING wrong w/ paying someone to host your site..saves a LOT of aggravation
JeremyGUEST when something goes just complain...not try to figure out what caused it :)
GayleHOST where do you see yourself in 5 years Jeremy? what do you hope to be doing?
MaggieISMaggie hmm I'm liking that idea lol
JeremyGUEST i hope to be living on some, JK....I suspect I will be graduating from college...hopefully finished PAYING for college...and starting another company :)
kidexchangeADM any idea what type of company?
JeremyGUEST whatever calls my name...hard to say 5 yrs from now...I'm sure it will be technology oriented though
MaggieISMaggie Have you ever or will you ever run a server out of your house?
MaggieISMaggie and what would it take to do that?
JeremyGUEST i have not ever, and never will...too many things can go worn doing it that way...specially if you have steady traffic and customer no
MaggieISMaggie okay...
bobbo What kind of computer do u use?
JeremyGUEST mag, it's a fun thing to tinker w/....but I wouldn't do it for a real web site
JeremyGUEST i use an IBM thinkpad and a desktop system that i built...of course :)
bobbo of course lol
kidexchangeADM do you feel about COPPA, was it a good thing?
MaggieISMaggie grrr coppa!
MaggieISMaggie lol
JeremyGUEST i think it's "mission" is very positive and a step in the right direction...HOWEVER, it's implementation and effectiveness have a LOT to be desired...more of a big hassle than anything else
Jazzy86 [mutters about COPPA frying her]
MaggieISMaggie lol jazzy
Jazzy86 I'll never get over that.
MaggieISMaggie I just got out of it....
kidexchangeADM do you think it will force parents to be more involved with kids activities online?
Jazzy86 Its not funny...
MaggieISMaggie and plus me being Canadian and all.....
JeremyGUEST protecting kids online starts w/ educating them at HOME...not govt's job
Jazzy86 What'd we do wrong, anyway?
Jazzy86 Hmm?
GayleHOST <---- agreeing with Jeremy
kidexchangeADM you didn't do anything wrong Jazzy :)
RonHOST amen Jeremy
Jazzy86 The government said we couldn't be trusted and fried us... beware, I have my own opinions on this one.
JeremyGUEST you can't FORCE parent's to be MIGHT encourage it...personally, I think the same group of parents that WERE involved will remain involved
kidexchangeADM lol COPPA is a hot topic around here as you can tell Jeremy
Jazzy86 It wasn't fair to me, I lost being able to help out in chats...
MaggieISMaggie Jazzy....I was a host for a year and then BANG its gone
Jazzy86 Ahh, I can rant all about COPPA... I sent them several letters...
MaggieISMaggie and I'm not even American
JeremyGUEST believe me....COPPA pops up in EVERY interview i do....and nearly every meeting i go to
MaggieISMaggie so how is that fair?
GayleHOST it's not you they don't trust Jazzy, it's the people that could do harm to you
Jazzy86 I was a host for seven months. I started hosting on June 29, 1999 and got fried on February 1st...
kidexchangeADM do you have any suggestions for kids to explain why it is important that parent are involved?
JeremyGUEST i think the reasons are obvious...all of the bad stuff on the net...however, it's equally important for parents to respect the child's privacy when it comes to emails etc....that's when things get tricky :)
kidexchangeADM any way for kids to educate parents on the good side of the net versus the bad side they see portrayed in the media so much?
JeremyGUEST yes, repeat these words continuously...TWOTOADS.COM
Jazzy86 :-)
JeremyGUEST haha
kidexchangeADM lol nice plug
JeremyGUEST seriously...they need to demonstrate to parents they are a responsible surfer...Jazzy...need a job? :)
Jazzy86 YES
Jazzy86 I would love to work for that.
kidexchangeADM hey now don't be recruiting my chatters LOL
Jazzy86 Kit's on my side, too.
bobbo ya I'm the one who has to review all your darn web sites
JeremyGUEST Jazzy has that whole chant thing down...
IAMMAGGIE Okay, first of all, how do you feel about napster and Disney music? and what would running a server take ( not the word I'm looking for but it will have to do)
Jazzy86 Sure, I want to work on the site too, if you recruit me.
Jazzy86 I could butcher it... and beware, Kit dismantled KPJ a few weeks back... :-)
JeremyGUEST i think Napster is great...but i worry about what it will do to the industry (music) and worry even more about what kind of image it gives everyone about the high-tech industry
JeremyGUEST as far as the server thing need a fast Internet connection..and some other odds and ends
IAMMAGGIE what about the Disney music?
JeremyGUEST what exactly about Disney music?
IAMMAGGIE sorry......n/m
IAMMAGGIE I just wanted to know if you like it but I'm kinda weirding out
kidexchangeADM quick question were a National Finalist in Young IT Entrepreneur of Year Award in 1999...were you involved with Junior Achievement
kidexchangeADM other then the award?
JeremyGUEST haha..that was always a tricky one to answer b/c I never was involved in JA...although i think it is a very good program and have learned a lot about it since my award
IAMMAGGIE What was your inspiration for doing a kids site? Do you feel that there should be sites for kids?
kidexchangeADM ok thanks Jeremy wondered if you were part of JA or just they had sponsored the award
JeremyGUEST well, part of why i decided a kids site was b/c i saw an opportunity where the market wasn't too cluttered w/ quality services....
JeremyGUEST and I could use just about all of my talents while working on a kids site
kidexchangeADM what do you think is the one thing kids want in a kids web site?
JeremyGUEST no more dot comes for kids....competition isn't fun
IAMMAGGIE lol yeah
kidexchangeADM <----nods at Jeremy
IAMMAGGIE Okay, heres one.....did you design your web site at first and do you have people working for you now that do the work you used to do
RonHOST Competition is what makes the world go round and makes you work smarter and do better
JeremyGUEST I wish i had an on the mark answer to that last question...if so, I would be rich...however I do think kids want things that relate to them and are more visually appealing
IAMMAGGIE thats kinda a weird one....did I say it right?
JeremyGUEST we have an entire team that oversees design and construction of the site...artists...programmers...etc. i wish i could take credit for it all
IAMMAGGIE do you go into the office every day?
IAMMAGGIE how do you go to school?
JeremyGUEST i drive to school...rather quickly b/c I don't get up on time
IAMMAGGIE so you go to school rather than the office?
kidexchangeADM lol Jeremy you can master computer companies but not an alarm clock
bobbo lol
Vision alarm clocks are MUCH worse... those dreadful things...
RonHOST hey those alarms clocks can be tricky hehehe
bobbo No VCR is worse
JeremyGUEST yes, i get out around 2PM's not that I don't know how to work the's just I don't HEAR the alarm clock...late nights do that to ya
RonHOST they have more buttons than a VCR now LOL
kidexchangeADM are you still running JM Computer Services?
JeremyGUEST yes I some extent...I'm a bit more choosey about what kind of jobs I accept
kidexchangeADM so no more making comps in the bedroom and selling on auction sites?
IAMMAGGIE Okay, I am SO confused about what you actually do!
JeremyGUEST lately lightning has brought a lot of downed network calls :)
Vision what kind of classes do you take Jeremy/?
JeremyGUEST most of my classes are advanced or college...this year I'm only taking 5...thank goodness
Vision oh and this was prolly said, but where does he live?
fuzzy do you get alot of homework Jeremy and is there some classes that you hate
kidexchangeADM South Carolina I believe hmmmm
Vision k
JeremyGUEST i don't think i can give that out to strangers in a chat room :) COPPA....JK....i live in North Augusta SC
kidexchangeADM lol Jeremy we only allow state/province :)
JeremyGUEST i do get plenty of hw and yes, i do hate plenty of classes
kidexchangeADM and normally not real names for anyone under 18 so there!
Jazzy86 ooh, Jeremy's in trouble! And so am I! LOL
fuzzy witch classes do you hate
JeremyGUEST i hate English...and Computers 1
kidexchangeADM Jeremy before you leave....just wanted to thank you, 'kids' like you are a great inspiration and appreciate you taking the time out of your very busy schedule to talk with us
rosadosa I was wondering what Jeremy is going to do next
GayleHOST yes, very nice meeting you Jeremy
JeremyGUEST i have to take a mandatory computer class...haha..that is fun
fuzzy same here to Jeremy
Vision LOL ever take typing Jeremy? THAT is a fun class...
RonHOST continued success in your venture Jeremy
JeremyGUEST I appreciate being asked to talk w/ ya'll.....
fuzzy ohh how old are you
JeremyGUEST i'm 17
GayleHOST must be like steeping backwards in time for you Jeremy, do you ever give the teacher a lesson or two?
JeremyGUEST i think
fuzzy oh you are tha same age as my bro
JeremyGUEST i do, but that sometimes gets me in trouble :)
Vision Jeremy, I take computer science class, but it really isn't that good... do you think it will actually lead anywhere, or I should just wait to take it at a college/university?
JeremyGUEST computer classes can't hurt...just sometimes a bit boring if you already know the info
fuzzy ok i have a dumb question do you like britney spears
fuzzy bye any chance
Maggie Okay, your parents did/do deal with your they complain about your long hours on the 'puter
kidexchangeADM Jeremy did you see rosadosa's question....what are you going to do next?
Maggie and I still have no idea what you actually do!
Jazzy86 YW, thanks for coming, Jeremy, I've had a ton of fun learning about what you do tonight and I can't wait to see the transcript.
fuzzy Jeremy ok i have a dumb question do u like britney spears
JeremyGUEST parents do just fine w/ success...they just watch and admire I suppose...they don't complain about puter time..however, keep in mind...that's NOT all that I do as Pres. of twotoads
Maggie what else do you do?
JeremyGUEST britney spears is okay..maybe
Vision <--- has parents that CONSTANTLY complain about computer time
fuzzy do you have any of her cds
Maggie Okay, really really dumb question....but do you like to dance?
JeremyGUEST no, i'm afraid i don't...they're played PLENTY on the radio though
JeremyGUEST i'm gonna head on my way folks...
JeremyGUEST nice talking with you
Vision G'nite Jeremy, take care.
kidexchangeADM ok again thanks Jeremy was a pleasure talking with you
JeremyGUEST night ....and remember the

~~Chat Transcript Ended~~

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