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Learn to Play Guitar - What you Need

Acoustic guitar If you are going to learn to play a guitar, of course owning a guitar is important. If you don't, it will be necessary to buy one.

Dan Cross, Guitar Guide at About has an excellent article on how to buy a guitar.

He suggests if you have a friend who plays guitar well, bring him/her along to help you pick the right guitar for you.

You'll need to decide whether you want to play an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar.

There are pros and cons of both electric and acoustic guitars, says Dan.

Electric guitars are somewhat easier to play, but you'll have to buy a guitar amp, a guitar cable, and a guitar pick. There are also a lot of knobs and buttons to worry about with an electric guitar.

An acoustic guitar, while slightly more difficult to learn on, is a lot less complicated. All you'll need is your acoustic guitar, and a 50 cent guitar pick. So, for simplicity's sake, Dan generally suggests starting on an acoustic guitar.

He adds if the child is one who frustrates extremely easily, however, electric guitar might be the way to go. A child will see progress more quickly on an electric guitar,because it's easier to play.

Electric Guitar Next Dan suggests you'll probably also want to find a guitar instructor. The best way to find a good teacher is through word of mouth - ask around to find a good guitar teacher in your area. If you're having trouble, you can always call a local music store - chances are, they'll offer lessons. If not, they should be able to recommend someone that suits your needs.

Once you choose your guitar you are ready to get started learning to play it. While an instructor is important there are some basics you can learn before and during your lessons.



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