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Tucson, Arizona (January 5, 2011) – February is the American Dental Association’s (ADA) National Children’s Dental Health Month, a time to educate parents and caretakers on the importance of developing good dental hygiene practices early in life. Many parents don’t realize that they should be cleaning and brushing their baby’s teeth and gums—which helps explain why 40 percent of American children have a cavity by age 6. Spiffies are great tasting dental wipes, developed by Pediatrician Dr. Ray Wagner, which are a great tool to help prevent cavities and tooth decay in young children.

According to Wagner, most parents don’t know much about oral health in babies because babies don’t go to dentists. Dentists are doctors for teeth, right? So who needs one until your child has teeth? Wrong. While pediatricians know about the hazards, not nearly enough of them communicate those dangers to parents. In addition, Wagner has some other little-known facts about oral health in babies and toddlers:

  • Cavities are caused by a bacteria usually passed from parents and siblings to the baby
  • When teething starts, it is important to stop bacteria in their tracks
  • Cavities in baby teeth create cavities in permanent teeth

Pediatric dentists have always advised pediatricians to instruct new parents to clean their baby’s mouth with a wet washcloth or gauze after feedings. Intent on helping his patients and knowing that the best time to prevent cavities is during the earliest phase of the infection, Dr. Wagner researched and learned about xylitol, a natural ingredient that prevents cavities. Hardly a new thing (there’s been 60 years of dental research!), xylitol has consistently been shown to lower tooth decay rates in children by up to 70% and is safe for babies.

Dr. Wagner’s decided to add xylitol solution to a gauze oral cleansing wipe. Seeing how effective this was, he and his wife then founded DR Products, LLC in 2003 and its first product was Spiffies Tooth Wipes. Spiffies are all-natural, xylitol-based tooth wipes that caregivers can use with their baby’s mouth as early as three months of age. And here’s a bonus: Kids say the flavors taste fantastic, so there are no struggles!

Pediatric dentists and pediatricians agree that good oral hygiene starts even before the first tooth erupts and that means wiping an infant’s gums, tongue and teeth. Spiffies are individually packaged towelettes that have been soaked in the great tasting xylitol solution. They should be used to clean babies’ gums and first teeth. In fact, the Spiffies Tooth Wipes provides soothing relief when the wipes are chilled and used to massage sore gums. The Spiffies Teething Kit provides an introduction to the Spiffies Tooth Wipes and a 12-page Baby Tooth Guide written by Dr. Wagner.

Spiffies Tooth Wipes come in two great flavors babies love

Both the AAPD and the American Association of Pediatricians officially recommend children should have a “dental home” by the time a child turns one, which means a dentist has been selected for the child’s professional dental care and a visit is scheduled by the child’s first birthday. Like a vaccine preventing a contagious disease, an infant tooth wipe containing xylitol can significantly reduce tooth decay during infancy. So say researchers from the University of California at San Francisco School of Dentistry. Their findings were released this past May at the annual session of the AAPD. The researchers reported it was extremely important for parents to begin a proper cleaning routine daily during infancy, and concluded the xylitol wipes were extremely effective in reducing and preventing cavities.

Spiffies Spiffies’ tasty grape and apple flavors make oral hygiene a pleasure for grownups and their children. Choose from these age-appropriate products:

Spiffies Teething Kit • Approx. $3.50 • Ages 3 months+
The only product on the market today for emerging baby teeth that soothes the pain and protects against cavities. Start with Spiffies at the very beginning of teething and continue with them for cleaning to fight cavities until babies are ready for brushing.

Box of 20 Spiffies Wipes • Approx. $5.50 • Ages 3 months+
Designed for parents to cleanse infants’ mouths after feedings. The delicate taste combined with a caring gentle massaging action provides a pleasant experience for both caregiver and baby. Tooth wipes are especially good for teething infants. Larger packages of wipes available online at

Spiffies I Can Brush solution • Approx. $8 bottle • Ages Toddler+
Xylitol-rich toothbrushing solution that is smooth and tasty, not pasty or gritty. Can be used instead of toothpaste. Parents can say goodbye to headlocks and crying when you tell your child it's time to brush their teeth with Spiffies because they genuinely like how Spiffies solution tastes! Get ready for some enthusiasm about tooth brushing! Spiffies New Baby Gift Box • $20

Packaged in a white glossy box and wrapped with a silver bow, contains 30 Spiffies Toothwipes – 10 in each flavor. Ready to ship in blue for a little boy, pink for a little girl, or yellow or green for either.

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Pediatrician Ray Wagner and his wife, Marti Wagner, President of DR Products, introduced Spiffies Tooth Wipes at the Annual Meeting of the American Pediatric Dentistry in May 2004. This knowledgeable and critical audience was immediately receptive to Spiffies Tooth Wipes. Today Spiffies has a growing retail distribution both overseas and in the U.S. Since their introduction, over ten million individually wrapped dental wipes have been sold nationwide from the company’s website,; at Harris Teeter and Buy Buy Baby stores; on, and; and at other select retail outlets. The product speaks for itself as rave reviews come in from parents, caregivers and the medical profession. For more information, click on their website,