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Tie a Knot!

Knots Knots they're everywhere!

You use knots every day. One of the very first knots you probably learned is when you learned to tie your shoe. You can't tie a shoe without making a knot!

If you fish, or go boating, chances are you know knots! Both of these activities require the basic knowledge of knot tying. In fishing you need to know knots to attach your hooks and lures to your line. In boating, you better know how to tie your boat up to the dock so it won't float away!

Many hobbies and crafts require learning to tie a knot. Sewing, cross stitch, even knitting requires some knot tying skills.

Macrame, the art of decorative knotting is all about knowing your knots. The two most commonly used knots in Macrame are the square knot and the double half hitch.

Another fun thing to do with knots is to make jewelry. Gimp, a synthetic material that looks like soft plastic, can be tied into all kinds of knots to make friendship bracelets, necklaces, pins and key tags.

You'll also need to know how to tie a knot to fold a fancy napkin, tie your string to your balloon, lace up your roller blades or build a raft.

If you are a Boy Scout or Girl Guide chances are you know your knots! Tying knots is a badge requirement that's fun to accomplish.

Want to learn more about knots? Use the resources in the column to your right to visit sites devoted to knots and knot tying.

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