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Burger King Recalls Pokeballs - Again.....
Another child dies from suffocation after alledgedly covering face with Pokeball. Burger King is running Recall Ads nationally.

Original Story
If you were one of the millions of kids who rushed to Burger King this past two months to get a Pokemon toy you should take note.

Burger King has issued a recall of Pokemon Cases - the red-and-white or hot pink-and-white spherical cases that contained Pokemon. The toys themselves are not being recalled, just the cases.

The recall comes after a 13-month-old California girl suffocated, possibly when half of a Pokemon ball covered her mouth and nose. In another case, half of a ball became stuck on the face of an 18-month-old Kansas girl. The older child escaped injury, and the cause of death of the younger one is still under investigation.

" If you have children under 3 in the household, we urge parents to discard or destroy the balls, or return them to a Burger King for a free small order of fries," said Burger King spokeswoman Kim Miller.

Ann Brown of the Consumer Product Safety Commission Brown says the danger is for children under 3 years old. It is "absolutely fine" for older children, she emphasized.

Burger King will continue to distribute Pokemon toys and balls with its Big Kids Club Meals, intended for older children, while regular Kids Club Meals would now come with just the toys.

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