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comet.jpg - 5.0 K Kids Product Review:

No More Night Mares
Wild Heart Ranch Inc.
Are you afraid of the dark? Do you have scary dreams that make it hard to sleep some nights? Comet, Lucky Stars and Moonbeam might be able to help!

Wild Heart Ranch a publishing and toy company has developed a line of soft cuddly horses with an indiglo like night-light in their blaze to help children feel more comfortable at bed time. The horses were called No More Night Mares because they turn the night time from being scary into a safe, magical place.

A gentle squeeze on the hoof and the special nightlight in the horses forehead glows with stars, moon or comets. Each also comes with a booklet No More Night Mares - The Birth of a Legend - that a parent can read to a child, or if the child is old enough can read before drifting safely off to sleep.

There are currently three No More Night Mare horses available, each in authentic horse colors. Each horse has a long flowing mane and tail sure to please a childs natural love of horses. It's hard to resist these loveable creatures.

moonbeam.jpg - 4.3 K The plush toys are more then good looks though. The nightlight feature brings a sense of security to any child afraid to sleep alone or in the dark. As an added companion to the Night Light Horse you can get an audio cassette of The Legend of the No More Night Mares - a dream freedom. This 20 minute tape beautifully tells the story of a noble heard of wild horses. The sound effects throughout the tape will make you feel like you are running with them giving you a sense of freedom and peacefulness.

Wild Heart Ranch has a web page where you can order their products online, learn more about them or find out what stores carry them.

The web site also features a Kids' Club where you can learn about horses, enter contests or find out about the Wild Horse TV show.

These loveable horses truly are adorable. When I first saw Comet I couldn't help but want to pick it up and hug it tight. Any child, particularly one who loves horses or animals would love either of the No More Night Mares as a companion at Night.

A child who is having problems getting to sleep or fears of the dark could benefit from having Comet, Moonbeam or Lucky Stars beside them each Night helping them drift off to a peaceful nights sleep. Even big kids, who love horses would find these plush toys a welcome addition.

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