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birthdaycd.gif - 9.9 K Kids Product Review:
The Birthday CD

The Birthday CD Co.
Ever wonder what Happy Birthday would sound like put to Mozart, Ska or Beebop?

The Birthday CD is a compilation of 50 instrumental versions of Happy Birthday ranging from Blues to Polka

The quality of the CD is excellent and the variety is both educational and amusing. Born on New Years day? Listen to the New Years version of Happy Birthday - or, if you are a fifties baby listen to the version set to your era

The music behind the CD comes from Michael Hughes an accomplished keyboard player and a seasoned composer/arranger. He received his Bachelor of Composition degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and taught there several years as well. He served as Musical Director for the musical Hair, performed with his own original bands, and has composed and recorded for the major film and television studios in Los Angeles, California.

For more information and ordering information you can visit The Birthday CD web page. You can also learn some neat history behind the song and some interesting factoids too.

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