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Knot Tying Kit Kids Product Review:

Boating & Sailing Knots Tying Kit
Product:Tying Kit
Distributor: Hogwild Toys
Price: $7.99 US

If you are into sailing or boating the Boating & Sailing Knots Tying Kit is a must have.

Each kit comes with two 24" lengths of sturdy sailing rope, a practice cleat and loop tie-up pole for simulating real life situations and a pocket book of 16 practical knots.

Each of the knots in the book have easy to follow steps with pictures and directions. As well explains what the knots are used for in boating and sailing.

The rope is good and strong and easy to maneuvre through the knot tying steps. The cleat that comes with the kit gives you a perfect simulation of what you'll be tying your knots on when out at the lake.

Easy to Learn
It took my 12-year-old son and I no time at all to master some of the knots in the book including: the clove hitch, the mooring hitch and the fisherman's knot. We sat on our dock practising with the kit before using the bigger line attached to our boat.

The instructions were very easy to follow and the illustrations gave you a good idea of what your knot should look like when finished.

The kit is perfect for an afternoon on the boat when the fish aren't biting or makes a great gift for budding sailors.

Hogwild Toys also has kids for Rock Climbing Knots and Fishing Knots. You can contact Hogwild Toys on their website. A store locater is available to find their products in stores near you, or you can order right online.

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