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T Rex Wow Wee Dino-Tronics

Reviewed By: Patrick (12)

If you love dinosaurs like I do - this high tech version is a must have.

There are several different dinsoaurs in the Reign of the Dinosaurs set from WowWee but being a T-Rex fan this is my first choice.

The T-Rex itself is made of a soft rubber-like material giving it a dinosaur feel to it. [not that I am sure what dinosaurs feel like].

The Infra Red remote control is easy to use and allows you to move your dino forward and backward and to make turns in a walking motion. The head can also swing back and fourth and the mouth opens and closes while the neck moves up and down.

Dino Tronics What's really neat are the sounds you can make. The roar is very realistic, well if that is what a dinosaur sounds like - who really knows. There are grunts, growls and even a breathing sound.

You need to point the infra red transmitter on the controller directly at the infra red receivers on the T-Rex but with some practise it's pretty easy to operate.

If you like dinosaurs and dinosaur toys - this one's pretty cool.

Comes With:

    Dino-Tronics T-Rex
    Infra-Red Remote Control
    *6 AAA batteries required
Manufacturer:WowWee Inc.

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