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Basic Internet Safety

Whether you are new to the Internet or have been online a while - here are some basic, common sense rules to read, learn and understand.

While the Net is a wonderful place to explore and learn there are dangers out there. Please surf safely.

  • Never give out your full name, home address or telephone number. Giving a nickname is enough. Giving only the country you live in is recommended.

  • If you are new to the net ask someone (preferably an adult) to surf the Net with you. Sharing the experience with a family member or friend will help guide you to safe places online.

  • Do Not visit adult content sites. These places only place you in a higher risk of danger.

  • Do Not reply to emails asking you to join inappropriate clubs, email lists or forums. These people sell your email address to others and you will find that your email box is soon filled with offensive and unsolicited emails from other sources.

  • Tell your parents, a trusted adult friend or Internet Service Provider (ISP) if someone is harassing you with emails or messages on the Internet. ISP's usually do not tolerate users abusing their connections and will take action against people who do so.

  • At any time if you come across any material or individuals that make you feel uncomfortable tell an adult (preferably your parents) immediately.

  • When using Internet chat programs and communication programs learn how to suppress your IP - if you do not know how, ask an adult who can show you. This prevents your location from being sent online.

  • If you post pictures online be aware of backgrounds in the pictures, including school names, signs and such that may identify your location - better yet, do not send pictures to people you don't know and do not post your photo online.

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