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Apple a Day Back to School

Get ready for your first day of school with these Resources:  

Get Organized
Print your own 2015 School Calendar!

What are you Wearing?
Resources to all your favorite fashions can be found here!

What are you Bringing?
Carry the coolest supplies with these online resources.

Are you Ready?
Advice and tips for that first day can be found here.
Build your confidence with VeggieTales®.

What to eat?
No Lunch Bag Let Down here.

Online Homework Help

  • Homework Sites
  • Social Studies
  • History
  • Science
  • Geography
  • Math
  • Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Museums
  • Homeschooling
    All the best resources for Homeschooling.

    Study Tips
    Share your tips on studying on our Facebook page.

  • Liv Crayola Customizable School Supplies Let Teen Girls Show Their True Colors and Stay Organized in Style
  • HPG Sends Kids Back-to-School Sporting Hasbro's Hottest Toy Brands
  • CPSC Offers Tips for Back to School Safety
  •'s Fans, From Preschoolers to Middle Schoolers, Refuse to use Their Lockers

  • Kids' Comments:

    What's so great about going back to school? Well, I get to see ALL of my friends, and I get a break from my parents (I'm sure they like that too). Another thing that's great is that I get to go shopping for the cool new in fashion clothes, which are very important to me, this year I think I might get to go shopping at West Edmonton Mall.

    What's not so great is that I have to get up at 6:45 AM every day except weekends, my freedom is gone, I have to take stupid and useless notes about grammar or history or something I could care less about, I have to start doing homework, and I have to deal with teachers. There is always the possibility I might get a really mean or unfair teacher, since in high school that is a 1:4 chance. I'm glad I still have 6/7 weeks of summer left, so I don't have to think about school yet..... Shar (13) Canada

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