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Kids Turn Education

First Day of School Memories

Apple a Day Sam remembers her first day:

My first day at school, I threw up on the living room carpet and had to stay home. I knew, even at the age of five, that it was nerves. (I still get sick when I'm nervous now).

So, a day after everybody else, I went along to Infant School. The teacher leaned down and hugged me, and welcolmed me to the class. I screamed when Mum left, and cried for a while.

And met some friends. Some I'm still friends with. Most have moved away, but I'll never forget. And I wasn't sick again all that year. I wasn't sick until I moved up to Junior school.

More First Day Memories

Do you remember your first day of kindergarten or Junior kindergarten? Share your story by submitting to Kids' Turn. All stories will be added as soon as possible.

Also accepting first day stories for Middle School and High School if they apply.

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