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First Day of School Memories

Apple a Day Melanie - remembers her first day:

I don't really remember walking in on my first day of school, but I do remember that I met a girl called Sophie. Sophie was really kind and we soon became best friends!! There was also a boy called Jordan who used to chase me around the classroom and in and out of the play area trying to catch me!!

I once went to Sophie's house and she had swings in her back garden, we went on the swings and I fell off, banged my knee and started crying! Overall I had a really good first day at school, and I don't remember crying!

More First Day Memories

Do you remember your first day of kindergarten or Junior kindergarten? Share your story by submitting to Kids' Turn. All stories will be added as soon as possible.

Also accepting first day stories for Middle School and High School if they apply.

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