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Kids Turn Education

First Day of School Memories

Apple a Day Karla remembers her first day:

My kindergarten teacher was a cheery-faced, young woman in her early thirties. She smiled at me, and I rapidly gave her my Kleenex box and notepad before clutching my mother's arm tightly. I didn't want to stay. It was my first time away from my mom since I was never in preschool, etc. The teacher smiled, and grasped my tiny hand and showed me the inside of her classroom. TOYS!! Dolls, airplanes, Teenage Ninja Turtles! sprawled on every shelf, cabinet, and table! I ran inside, the teacher's young assistant handing me a name tag and leading me to my table. I quickly forgot about my mom.

I met my friends: Michael and Brandy-- I believe that was her name-- at my table. I remember eating orange punch and sugar cookies for snacks. Two years later Brandy moved away, and three years after that Michael dies from a blood problem.

More First Day Memories

Do you remember your first day of kindergarten or Junior kindergarten? Share your story by submitting to Kids' Turn. All stories will be added as soon as possible.

Also accepting first day stories for Middle School and High School if they apply.

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