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First Day of School Memories

Apple a Day FluteWiz - remembers her first day:

I wasn't scared to leave my mom for kindergarten, really. I believe I was the 1st person there. I remember I had a clear & pink backpack, and a pinkish red crayon box. A pink and blue sleeping mat I also had. Mrs. Connell put me to a table in the front. More kids filled the room.

I became friends with Ashley and Peggy first. I remember sitting with a group of girls in a circle with a record player toy in front of us. This moment was when I went to "new and nice", to "new and just 'dork'" I had had a terrible accident. From that moment, no one wanted to talk to me, play with me, or even be around me. This went on for 6 years.

More First Day Memories

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Also accepting first day stories for Middle School and High School if they apply.

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