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Dedications to TOP Teachers

TEACHER:  Miss Haskins
SCHOOL LOCATION:  Ontario, Canada

Even though you thought what I wrote on that peice of paper one day was a joke, it really wasn't. You ARE my favourite teacher. It's okay for me to get help from you, although with most teachers I go get "help". I realize that I'm wrong when I'm around you, and you teach me the right way. Not only can you help me with schoolwork, but I really liked it when you talked about Colleges and Universities instead of health. Or when you taught how you do that hair bun with a pencil. At first, people thought you weren't as good as our old teacher because you were new, but that changed quickly. I'll remember you next year in high school as the best teacher I've ever had, even though it lasted only one year.
Thanks for everything!
Calm (14) - Student

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