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Dedications to TOP Teachers

TEACHER:  Mrs. McCuaig
SCHOOL:  Stewart Avenue Public School (Ontario, Canada)

I think Mrs. McCuaig is special for many reasons.One is that you don't need to go on a Field Trip to have fun when she is teaching us. She makes school fun and that is what everyone likes that.
Another reason is that if we are stuck on something she takes us through it with no hassles and she makes us understand what the question or piece of work is about!
Another Reason Is That If In Grade 6 with Mrs. McCuaig, she didn't make school a chore. She made it a fun place to go in the morning and after lunch in the afternoon, the kid were always ready to start off another great day.
So the verdict of Mrs. McCuaig, who I like to call Mrs. McQ is obviously the BEST teacher!!
A Student

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