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Dedications to TOP Teachers

TEACHER:  Miss Maura Frenn
SCHOOL:  Mukwonago High School (Wisconsin)

I am a sophmore in Mukwonago High School in Mukwonago, Wisconsin.
My western civilization teacher, Maura Frenn, is the most intelligent person I have ever met. She has traveled all over the world, and she shares her experiences with the class. She has taken many photographs of the places she has visited, and, depending on the subject that is currently being studied, she shares these pictures with the class. Her added information really helps the class get into the studied subject, and lends a good hands-on experience to all her classes.
Miss Maura Frenn has always been a listener to all students that need someone to talk to, and will always give good advice in how to solve the problem at hand.
I believe wholeheartedly that Miss Frenn should be the next recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award. She has inspired me to become a history teacher, in the hopes of being just as good of a teacher to my future students as she is to hers.
A Student

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